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Need Effective Detox Kit for Marijuana?

Order our Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit!
  • Use Detox Kit at the day of test -
    it works in less than two hours!
  • Results lasting for up to 5 hours.
  • All components are
    completely undetectable.
  • Kit includes THC test
    to pre-check your results.
  • Detox kit have more than 99.5% success rate.
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Pass Unexpected Urine Test with Fast THC Detox Kit

Urinalysis drug screening panel caught you by surprise and you donít actually know what product perfectly fits your needs? This how-to is for you IF you have three to seven days to your drug test. If you have less than three days to your scheduled screening starting from now you actually have only one option Ė to substitute your urine sample by synthetic urine. Please read the following how-to about synthetic urine and urine substitution. If you have more than ten days to your drug test, we recommend to choose less intensive methods like this and this, that provides you more stable and long-term results.

But for cases like yours (3-7 days before test) we have good combined solution - Fast THC (Marijuana) Detox Kit. This Detox Kit includes four vital components:

1. HerbalClean QCarbo Detox Drink
This diuretic detox drink complete and total flushes fluids from your body, via the urinary tract which routes directly from your kidneys and liver. THC is not favourably water soluble, but if we have only couple of days (donít forget about delivery time!) we actually have no choice Ė we canít quickly flush out THC metabolites, but only can dilute our urine to decrease THC concentration to appropriate level for the time of test. You will need to urinate as often as possible. This is an important step in the cleansing process.

2. Super Boost Tabs
These all-natural tabs significantly increases effect of your urinalysis process and used to multiply dilution effect of QCarbo drink. To achieve best results, drink plenty of water BEFORE your emergency flush.

3.QClean chewable detox supplement
These tabs are designed to block your body from burning any of your stored fat (where the THC is retained) so that you are only urinating excess water and waste, not THC. These are a stop-gap measure designed for that unscheduled and unwanted last minute urinalysis. Itís always best to plan ahead, but letís be honest: in the work place and other fields, urinalyses arenít always conveniently scheduled ahead of time.

4.THC/Marijuana test device
You can use it to make sure that your THC level is acceptable at the day of test.

We offer two versions of this kit Ė first one is regular and it is suitable for persons who weights up to 200 lbs AND are not frequent marijuana user. If your weight is 200 lbs and more OR you are frequent smoker, choose extra strong kit.

Please note, that this is an emergency flush kit and results of usage are temporary. Your results lasting up to five hours, thus manage your time accordingly. Follow the instructions carefully - avoid large meals, urinate as often as possible and exclude ANY toxins from your life before test.