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Need Synthetic Urine to Pass Drug Test?

Order QucikFix Plus -
Synthetic Urine That Works!
  • QuickFix contains all ingredients
    normally found in urine
  • It is unisex solution for male and female.
  • QuickFix is balanced like real urine - for
    pH, gravity and creatine level.
  • Temperature strip and heating pad included.
  • QuickFix Plus have more than
    99.7% success rate.
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Pass Your Next Day Urine Test With Synthetic Urine

Sometimes soon just isn’t soon enough. Don’t risk it! When you are in a pinch, you need a trusted synthetic urine blend to assure your safe passage through randomized or scheduled urinalysis drug screening panel. Don’t take chances with your livelihood! Instead, for a very affordable price, you can find a trusted and verified synthetic blend of urine that will virtually guarantee your safe passage through a urinalysis drug screening panel. Browse from amongst our great selection of synthetic urine blends, like the Ultra Pure Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine or the very well renowned Quick Fix Synthetic Urine blend. They both come in comparable 3 or 4 oz. sealed containers, for easy concealment and portability.

Don’t forget a convenient, pocket-sized concealable heating pouch, too! Most urinalysis drug screening panels require the urine to be heated to roughly human body temperature (80-100°F, 27-38°C). A good heating pouch, like Heat Factory’s Small Disposable Warm Pack for 2 oz. containers is the perfect solution! Simply activate the pad once you get inside the bathroom and slide in your pre-purchased synthetic urine blend of choice. Wait until the bottle is heated roughly the same as that of your hand and then pour the synthetic blend into the urinalysis specimen cup. It’s that easy. In minutes you will have a perfectly heated specimen that you can feel confident about.

If you know, or suspect, you will be required to produce up to 4 ounces of liquid, utilize the 4 oz. Heat Factory Large Disposable Warm Pack. Many law enforcement and pre-employment urinalysis drug screening panels require upwards of 60 mL for the laboratory to be able to sample. You do not want to be left in a situation where you are stuck “below the line”. A convenient and concealable 4 oz. bottle of either Quick Fix or Ultra Pure synthetic urine will assure your sample size is just the right amount. Use a Heat Factory 4 oz. Disposable Heating Pack to ensure that the sample gets heated quickly and efficiently. Simply slip the pouch back into concealment, once completed, and you are done!

It has never been easier to avoid the last minute liability of failing a standard urinalysis drug screening panel than with synthetic urine. These trusted blends have been verified, so their ingredients will match the exact ingredients of a human being’s urine.

Please check any number of videos posted online on either YouTube or Vimeo that depict various styles and approaches to substituting in synthetic urine for actual urine during an urinalysis drug screening panel. Also understand that we cannot accept responsibility for the incorrect application or concealment of such belongings and that is your own personal responsibility in which to do so.

As a final note, please never use urine from other human beings or animals as this will only exacerbate problems when the specimen undergoes laboratory testing. Other animals such as dogs, cats, and various household pets, do not have the same concentrations of naturally occurring chemical compounds as human urine. Thus, the laboratory will quickly be able to determine that you have replaced your urine for another animal’s once the sample is analyzed.

Using another human being’s urine, however secure you may feel in using it, also poses its own distinct hazards and risks. Even if (and that’s a big “if”) the urine sample is completely clean and clear of any traces of illicit substances, you are still running the risk of delivering a cold sample. If you feel absolutely confident about using another human being’s urine as a replacement for your own in the event of a urinalysis drug panel screening, please consider purchasing at least a heating pad to bring it up to the correct temperature. There is nothing more embarrassing and potentially litigiously harmful than being caught delivering a “cold” (less than 80°F/27°C) urine sample. The laboratory technicians will identify this as an attempt to evade the urinalysis drug screening panel and will treat it as such. You will be liable for fines, potential criminal action, and definitely the loss of employment. Thus, it is best to take no risks and ensure you have both a Heat Factory Disposable Warm Pack and a trusted blend of synthetic urine.

Please note that some states restrict the shipment of synthetic urine, such as Arkansas (AR), Illinois (IL), Kentucky (KY), Oklahoma (OK), New Jersey (NJ), North Carolina (NC), and South Carolina (SC). If you live in these states, you will probably need to find an alternate means of safeguarding yourself against the potential liability of a urinalysis drug screening panel. For other options, please feel free to browse our fine selection of cleansers and cleanser kits to find an option that meets your needs.

Don’t take risks with your future. Consider your options carefully and, if you feel you do not have time to undergo a proper cleansing of your kidneys before undergoing a urinalysis drug screening panel, you should consider the merits of using a synthetic urine blend such as Ultra Pure or Quick Fix. They’re fast, they’re easy, and they’re dependable.

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