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Beat the Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair follicle drug tests are perhaps the most elusive and difficult to successfully pass. Hair follicles, when they form from your scalp, contain a working history of almost every drug you have come into contact with since that hair has begun growing. Difficult to mask, harder to detoxify, these individual strands contain a literal case history of your experience with illicit substances. It is for this reason that they have become the de-facto source of genetic material for a thorough and non-invasive longitudinal look at your drug history. The hair bears a more honest story than saliva or urine. The only more comprehensive look at your drug history would come from a spinal tap into your cerebral spinal fluid, and this test is not normally done due to the invasive and extremely painful nature of conducting a spinal tap. Not to mention expensive. Thus, any organization interested in taking a long term look at your drug history will go for your hair follicles.

Once several hair follicles are captured in a specimen container, they are sent to a laboratory where the protein strands are broken down and then they can be analyzed for traces of opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, and THC. Even drugs that may not traditionally linger for a saliva or urine drug screening panel may be present in significant enough quantities to solicit a “positive” (fail) reading.

Thankfully, we carry our own hair follicle drug testing kit, which allows you, from the safety and comfort of your own home, to send a few samples of your hair follicles. Within two days of the sample arriving in the laboratory, the laboratory technicians will be able to give you a definitive analysis of what could be found in your hair sample.

If you’re the type of person that really values having a full head of hair, there are a couple options that exist for you after you determine the outcome of your home test kit. The first one we recommend is ZYDOT’s Ultra Clean Hair Follicle Detoxifying Kit. It contains a shampoo to strip away the natural oils protecting your hair follicles, followed up with a detoxifying agent that seeks to pull out and remove the impurities contained therein. You can follow it up with the included conditioner, which will attempt to replace your natural oils with its own blend, which will hopefully act further to mask any remaining residues. There are also the more simpler and no-frills shampoo and conditioner combinations such as Folli Clean and Ultra Cleanse. Ultra Cleanse detoxifying shampoo and conditioner seeks to do the same thing proposed in the ZYDOT hair follicle detoxifying hair kit, only it goes straight from shampoo to conditioner, WITHOUT the detoxifying agent middle step. While customers have reported good results with the Ultra Cleanse combination shampoo and conditioner, we surely believe the extra detoxifying step between the two is well worth the little bit extra. And finally, we offer Folli Clean, which is a masking shampoo not intended to really pull out toxins as much as try to cover them up. This may be effective in some laboratory tests conducted on hair follicles.

All of our detoxifying and masking shampoos and conditioners can arrive quickly and discretely using either UPS 2-day delivery or USPS. Our boxes are safe and discrete (not to mention FAST) and are meant to give you the biggest advantage possible before you pluck out your hair follicles and give them to someone else’s laboratory.

If you are going to try to circumnavigate the hair follicle test by simple cutting off all your hair, think again. Even if you are COMPLETELY (and we mean completely) bereft of hair on your scalp and body, hair continues to grow down by the roots. There will be a hair somewhere on your body to sample.

Most hair follicle drug screening panels are not routine employment drug screening panels. Hair follicle drug screening panels are commonly utilized when it is already suspected that you are or have been evading detection via urinalysis or saliva drug screening. Thus, it is in your best interests to minimize the amount of suspicion before the hair follicle drug screening test. While it isn’t a bad idea to give yourself a little trim, remember that any agency that would be administering a follicle drug screening panel will be looking for suspicious activity such as the removal of most or all of your hair. It is best to play it safe, get a shorter haircut and give ZYDOT’s Ultra Clean Hair Follicle Detoxifying Kit to give yourself the best chance possible towards a good result on the drug screening panel.

As always, our products are clean, reliable, and undetectable in laboratory spectrum analysis. You are placing the cards in your favor by both planning for the possibility, and being prepared for its eventuality.