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Using Detox Drinks to Pass Scheduled Urine Drug Tests

Sometimes a scheduled urinalysis drug screening panel sneaks up on us. It happens to the best of us. Itís important to be both mentally and physically prepared for the eventuality that we will require a drink that both delivers quick and painless results, while giving us the best possible window of opportunity to pass a urinalysis drug screening panel.

Most of the drinks, you will see here, specialize in one or both of these major categories: Diuretics and Gateways (Masks).

ē Favorable route if more than 48 hours is available until urinalysis
The goal of any diuretic is the complete and total flush of fluids from your body, via the urinary tract which routes directly from your kidneys and liver. Your kidneys and liver have the ability to retain a lot of readily available toxins. While THC is not considered a toxin, per se, it is also retained pretty readily in the fatty tissue around your liver and kidneys. Because fat is a hydrocarbon, it does not mix well with water. For visualization, mix oil and water together in a glass. You would quickly notice that the oil drifts to the top while the water stays mostly at the bottom. THC is not favorably water soluble. As THC binds to oil, not water, it can be excreted through your kidneys at uneven and irregular intervals. This means is that even by using a diuretic agent, by itself, you cannot guarantee your success in a urinalysis drug screening panel with less than forty eight hours to the urinalysis drug screening panel. If you are a heavy user of cannabis (marijuana) or hashish (hash), your body probably has retained a lot of THC in your fatty tissue. If you are a person who, naturally, has a high metabolism, you probably excrete THC from your colon and bladder faster than most. However, if you are not that person, you must prepare with the use of a good diuretic agent that also stimulates your colon. The preferred channel to expel THC is via your colon, because that is its best chance to be absorbed in waste fatty acids that exit embedded in your feces. Many of the teas, such as Masterís Tea Original Flavor, use proprietary blends of herbs, spices, and vitamins to make the chemical reaction of binding THC to your colon more favorable than through your urine. Masterís Tea Original Flavor, also uses herbs that do their best to push large amounts of fluid through your urinary tract, in an effort to flush whatever THC is readily available OUT.

However, substances such as opiates, barbiturates, and amphetamines ARE water soluble. You can probably flush any traces of these substances out of your system with forty eight hours advance notice and a good, hearty application of any of the proscribed teas such as Masterís Tea Original Flavor or ZYDOT Natural Blend Cleansing Tea. If you believe you may have traces of opium, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and amphetamines, this is your best route to go. It is recommended that you follow-up with one of our offered cleansing formula drinks, such as QCarboís Fast Cleansing Formula or ZYDOTís Ultimate Blend (both offered in a variety of delicious flavors), to maximize your chances of pushing out these substances and providing a clean source of substance-free urine. Generally speaking, if you give yourself 72 hours between the time of your last usage of opiates, barbiturates, and/or amphetamines, and you use a great herbal diuretic such as Masterís Tea Original Flavor, with a follow-up of ZYDOTís Ultimate Blend, you are very likely to pass a urinalysis drug screening panel. While results can never be ultimately guaranteed, the likelihood with this combination is highly favorable. Before conducting any regimen of diuretics and/or colon cleansing, please always consult with your physician.

2. Gateways (Masking Agents)
ē Emergency, less than 48 hours to urinalysis

Gateways is the term for a solution or compound that attempts to give your body a window of processing clean and substance-free urine for the direct purposes of a urinalysis drug screening panel. This is akin to popping a parachute two hundred feet from the ground. Itís better than nothing, but not at all guaranteed or recommended. If your choices are simply using your own adulterated urine, and taking the direct risks of failing a urinalysis, and using a masking gateway drink such as Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula (available in a variety of delicious flavors), we would obviously recommend the window of one hour to none at all. If you feel confident you can approximate the time range of your urinalysis drug screening panel, and feel you can confidently consume an entire bottle of delicious tasting Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula, then this is definitely AN option. For the most optimal results, in an emergency situation, we would recommend trying to consume the Vale 4x solution through your system, which is specially formulated for people with higher percentages of body fat. Being able to take a Vale 4x solution the day before trying to use a masking solution, such as Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula, will considerably assist your ability to circumnavigate the pitfalls and hazards of a standard urinalysis drug screening panel.