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Prepare For Your Urinalysis with Detox Pills and Capsules

In both the workplace and law enforcement, the most common form of drug panel screening is urinalysis. It is cheap, reliable, and is usually effective in identifying habitual drug users. Because of this, and many other reasons, it is important to develop a game plan to evade detection if you are a habitual drug user. The results of a urinalysis drug screening panel can affect you and your livelihood well outside of the normal scope you may consider. Failing a standard level urinalysis drug screening panel can cost you being considered for a good job, outright losing the current one you have, becoming liable for a workplace accident that you may have legitimately not been liable for, and being found in violation of your probation.

Insurance companies have also begun requiring the urinalysis drug screening panel as a standard to determine liability in an accident, collision, or anything where they would normally be liable to pay out towards a potential victim. Almost any judicial entity in the United States will accept the results of any positive readings on a urinalysis as scientific fact, regardless of the truth. Trying to argue, in court, against the results of a urinalysis drug screening panel is akin to arguing with a police officer about whether the light was red or green.

Truth: It is possible to get a ďpositiveĒ (positive for the presence of the five common groups of chemicals they test) on a urinalysis without ever having knowingly consumed any illegal substances. It happens all the time in cases where people may have unknowingly been exposed to second hand marijuana smoke, new and exotic teas, or nutritional supplements that contained trace amounts of illegal drugs. The threshold for getting a positive reading on a urinalysis drug screening is not very high, in most cases, for most illicit substances. We recommend you take absolutely no chances with your livelihood. Thus, we offer to you a fine selection of pills, capsules, and teas meant to safely and effectively assist you in passing a urinalysis drug screening.

The most common substance found in a urinalysis drug screening is Tetra Hydra Cannabinoids (THC). They are found in a variety of products containing cannabis (marijuana). These compounds can stay in your body, embedded in fatty tissues, for up to six weeks after you consumed them. That means that if you have come into contact with THC containing substances, depending on your metabolism, you may have trace amounts still in your system. If you are a habitual user of products with THC and you contain an average or above amount of body fat, you definitely have more than trace amounts of THC in your system. Thus we offer a wide range of products that can either attempt to flush and cleanse your system, or block your body from using its own fat supply in the event of an emergency urinalysis.

The first product we usually recommend is a combination of PRE-TOX Master Concentrated Capsules - 100 Capsules and Masterís Tea Original Flavor. They are specifically designed to work together to cleanse your body through intensive and natural cleansers which target your liver, your kidneys, and your colon.

These products are great by themselves if you are simply interested in just a routine body cleanse (which is also recommended), and they work even better together if youíre interested in actively beating a urinalysis drug screening panel. Plus, they require large amounts of water which will help you hydrate and flush out other toxins, as well. The first step to beating any urinalysis is being healthy and retaining proper organ function. These products will definitely do that.

If you know you will have a full, solid week to prepare for the urinalysis drug screening, we recommend Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program. It is designed, from day 1, to prepare your body for urinalysis. With a variety of capsules designed to cleanse your body in intervals (versus all at once), it is a gentle and methodic way to get your body into the right state to pass the urinalysis.

Sometimes we donít always plan ahead and other times we run up against unscheduled and immediate urinalyses. Thankfully, we carry a wide variety of carbohydrate blocker capsules such as Test Pass Chewable Detox Tablets. These guys are designed to block your body from burning any of your stored fat (where the THC is retained) so that you are only urinating excess water and waste, not THC. These are a stop-gap measure designed for that unscheduled and unwanted last minute urinalysis. Itís always best to plan ahead, but letís be honest: in the work place and other fields, urinalyses arenít always conveniently scheduled ahead of time.

Browse amongst our fine selection and see which product is right for you. As always, consult with your physician beforehand to ensure that the ingredients of these products do not conflict with your current health plan. All our products are safe, verifiable, and undetectable. And we deliver in discretely labeled boxes. With UPS 2-day turnaround, you can have your emergency plan ready so your life doesnít stop when the urinalysis drug screening panel begins.