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How to pass urine test for marijuana?

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Regardless of whether you are applying for a new job, getting periodically tested by an employer, or being checked up on by a probation officer, itís always a safe bet that you will, at some point, undergo a drug panel screening of some nature.

Drug panel screenings can cover a spectrum from urinalysis and saliva testing, to blood and hair follicles. Each presents its own unique set of obstacles, depending on your particular case history with illicit or illegal substances. Just because you do not recall every incidence you have had with illicit substances does not make you in the clear. Airborne substances, such as those found typically in cannabis and hashish, can be inhaled second hand and affect the results of your urinalysis.

The only way to know that for sure is by periodically testing yourself from the safety and comfort of your own home. Take the extra step to assure your confidence. We have a fine selection of home test options, ranging from routine THC urinalysis and 5-panel urinalysis, to saliva and hair follicle tests. The hair follicle test you will have to send to a laboratory but, as for the rest of them, you will see the results within 5-10 minutes of taking each test. You will then know for certain whether or not you have traces of illicit substances and proceed with an intelligent course of action. OR you could leave it up to chance. Especially in this tight job market, employers are looking for any excuse to trim their workforce without having to pay unemployment benefits or short and long term disability. One positive result on a urinalysis or saliva test could prove the difference between your continued employment and/or benefits, and a complete forfeiture of everything. Donít leave it up to chance. Browse from our trusted and reliable selection of home test kits.

If you already know you have been exposed to illicit or illegal substances or compounds, such as opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, and marijuana, you need to take the appropriate course of action to ensure you can confidently pass a drug test. We have you covered.

We carry a wide selection of cleansers, masks, and synthetic urine to assist you in passing your urinalysis, saliva test, or even a complete blood and hair drug screening panel. Save money and time by ordering one of our custom kits that addresses each individual component of cleansing, masking, testing, and even urinating. You will save money versus buying the components separately, and each component is designed to give you the best possible chance of passing a drug screening panel.

There is a strategic pattern to passing a drug test that, if followed correctly, virtually guarantees success. The first phase is a complete and total cleansing of the liver, kidneys, and colon. Those areas tend to retain the highest concentrations of illegal chemicals and compounds, especially if you are a habitual user and/or lead an unhealthy lifestyle (eat lots of fast and/or processed foods, donít exercise, and donít hydrate properly). The second phase includes increasing the production of bile in the liver and trying to get your organs to pass waste as quickly, efficiently, and healthily as possible. This ensures that the toxins are removed and stay removed. The third phase is the preparatory pre-drug test hydration with teas and potions such as Masterís Tea Original Flavor. In combination with Vale Total Cleanse, it gets your system ready to pass a nice, clean, and purified stream of urine. The fourth phase includes emergency measures such as short-term masking (Ultra Pure One Hour Masking) and the use of synthetic urine.

If you have time to cleanse your system, which we typically recommend at least two weeks (preferably two months), your success ratio is roughly 95% as long as you abstain from the use of all illegal substances during that time. If you are able to utilize a synthetic urine blend (in conjunction with one of our heating packs), your chance of passing a urinalysis is 100%. Passing a drug screening panel requires your complete commitment to success. If your commitment is solid, we can provide the rest.

Compounds such as THC, derived from marijuana, can typically reside in your system for upwards of six weeks. Depending on your body type and how well you retain fat, it could be retained for a longer period of time. Other substances, such as amphetamines, barbiturates, and opiates, typically pass completely out of the system in a week.

Our packages typically come in discretely labeled boxes, for your security and convenience. They are shipped through UPS and USPS and can be available in as quickly as two days.

All of our products have been tested and verified for their authenticity.

We suggest, as with all regimens, you consult your physician before consuming these products. The ingredients listed on each product are as labeled and you can be assured that they contain exactly what is written. Check these ingredients against known allergens you have before consuming, as an allergic reaction may upset the efficacy of the supplement.

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